Our Team

At Tecmo, we have a multidisciplinary team, highly qualified, which analyzes and meets the installations which best meet the specific needs of each client, minimizing the difficulties that can cause dependence on the systems, and providing the best service in assembly and maintenance .

Our staff is made up of industrial engineers, technical engineers, technicians in special installations, designers, highly qualified personnel who can carry out projects, drivers, grocers…

At Tecmo, we work with a methodology that allows us to provide optimal service, tailored to the needs of each client. This is who we are at Tecmo and this is how we are organized:

Safety in the design and implementation of installations
In the design and implementation of installations, security, competence and professionalism, both human and technological are more than a feature: they are an inescapable necessity. Tecmo professionals combine over three decades of experience with continuous updating, adapting and training in new technologies, and the study of the most innovative materials and systems.

Administrative organization
The administrative organization is another aspect of service to clients and, the quality of the projects. Customer satisfaction depends on their organization and qualification.

Technical office
The technical department is comprised of the team responsible for preparing and ensuring all necessary documentation for the execution of projects: drawings, calculations, reports, licenses, permits, etc..

Technical – Sales Department
The technical-sales department function is to get the projects, their organization and monitoring. This therefore implies a thorough knowledge of the technical and economic aspects of projects.

The efforts and hard work of our entire team have led the company to be an example in our business environment, a great recognition to our work.