Risk and Hazard Prevention


At Tecmo, Risk and Hazard Prevention extends to all departments, covering all activities of the company, forming a true Preventive culture by establishing a set of rules and procedures that in 2010 allowed us to obtain the OHSAS 18001 certification.

Security as part of work.

At Tecmo we understand safety as an integral part of work that impacts on each and every one of the components of the company and our customers. All of us are committed to Safety and Health in order to be able to reach that great goal we all pursue which that is TOTAL SAFETY, i.e. ZERO accidents.

Our philosophy of progress requires us to teach our workers Preventive culture as a part of the job. Therefore, we organize regular training sessions to achieve that goal. This concern is required by subcontractors and collaborators, we require the same diligence in prevention tasks.