The objective of the maintenance department is to guarantee our customers, the correct operation of the installations in a preventive manner. Maintenance services are extended to all products described in the section concerning Electrical and Telecommunications services.

To effectively comply with our installations, we have the following types of maintenance:

Preventive Maintenance

Our preventive maintenance procedures, guarantees customer greater safety, preservation and proper operation of electrical and electronic equipment and installations.
This type of maintenance benefits customers with a series of visits according to type of installation agreed upon, during which Tecmo specialized technicians perform a series of inspections, checkups and adjustments to the systems, to ensure their proper functioning even when they are being used. This also guarantees and provides from possible future breakdowns, before they incur.

Corrective Maintenance

Activated in response to warning from the customer or detection by our staff, because of unexpected malfunction or desirable enhancement. Tecmo will send a qualified technician for its quick and effective resolution.

Amending Maintenance

This is performed when our client decides to change part of the installations, executing them after studying the corresponding performance cost.