Quality, Environment, Energy Efficiency and Occupational Safety Policy

TECNOLOGÍA DE MONTAJES Y MANTENIMIENTOS, S.A. is a company specialized in: High and low voltage electrical installations; Telecommunications installations and maintenance; Installations and maintenance of air conditioning; Installations and maintenance of fire protection, which establishes as a starting point for the achievement of its priority objectives the implementation in the Company of an Integrated System of Management of Quality, Environment and Risk Prevention in the Company, in accordance with the criteria established in ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50001:2011 and ISO 45001:2018. For this reason, integrating the policy constitutes a permanent and priority object whose purpose is continuous improvement and which aims to achieve the satisfaction of our clients together with the desire to live in harmony with the environment that surrounds us, the safety conditions at work aimed at obtaining the appropriate level of protection for workers and material damage and reducing work absenteeism, seeking the commitment and well-being of staff in the field of occupational health and safety, minimizing the impact and avoiding contamination of the environment and in search for the development of policies to improve energy efficiency in the company's activity.
TECNOLOGÍA DE MONTAJES Y MANTENIMIENTOS, S.A. complies with the legislation and regulations required in processes of Quality, Environment, energy efficiency and in matters of Prevention of Accidents at Work and Professional Illnesses, safety and health, fulfilling the improvement objectives in accordance with the new technologies that are within its reach. , applying legal compliance to the activities that the company develops and to the requirements required by our clients, complying beyond the legal minimums in activities that are economically and technologically viable, use and consumption of energy and energy efficiency
The management of TECNOLOGÍA DE MONTAJES Y MANTENIMIENTOS, S.A. considers that establishing a culture of Quality, Environment and Health and Safety is the fundamental factor to exercise adequate control over the policy of continuous improvement, developing corrective and preventive actions necessary to avoid the recurrence of internal and external problems.
The intention of our company is to achieve the highest competitiveness in the market and increase customer satisfaction, planning the actions that must be carried out in order to reduce the volume of waste generated in its activity, obtaining benefits in the company and the reduction of accidents and incidents.
The culture of TECNOLOGÍA DE MONTAJES Y MANTENIMIENTOS, S.A. considers that the Integrated Management System is not a matter of one person but is the result of a joint effort by all the members of our company, who must know and enforce all the quality, environmental and prevention rules that affect the work they do . For this reason, the company's management undertakes to establish the necessary means to publicize and explain to its employees the content of the company's Policy, programs and objectives, promote training and awareness-raising actions for workers in order to to improve their performance within the organization, and ensure the availability of information and the necessary resources to achieve compliance with the objectives and goals set.
The Head of the Integrated System, as the company's representative in this matter, assumes responsibility for the development and maintenance of the Integrated System, making it reach all operational and management levels of the company.
The Integrated System will be reviewed by our company at least once a year, in order to verify that its effectiveness and suitability are constantly maintained. This review will be completed by written support. The management of the company acquires the commitment to disclose its Policy and undertakes to enforce it and monitor its compliance throughout our company and as appropriate to its suppliers and external customers, as well as to comply with the integration in the environment to which belongs, avoiding, within its technical and financial possibilities, the inconveniences that it could cause.
The company considers the Health and Safety of workers as one of its main objectives, comparable to productivity, quality of service and profitability. In preventive matters, efforts will be made at all times to adapt the work to the person, taking into account The evolution of the available technique will be constantly updated, attempts will be made to replace the dangerous with what entails little or no danger, individual protection will always be the last resort, with collective protection measures taking priority, whenever they are technically and reasonably possible, the workers will be due