DPC’s (Data Processing Centers)

In Tecmo we are specialists in design, construction, maintenance and operation of a DPC having developed many projects in this specialty making us a reference company in the market.

Our extensive experience, the professionalism of our team and the trust of our customers have made us grow, carrying out turnkey DPC projects, which gives us a high capacity to adapt to the specific needs of our customers.

The DPCs contain the computer equipment necessary for the processing of a company’s information. Their size can vary from small rooms to building complexes. The most common ones usually occupy large rooms or an entire building.

In them are located large quantities of electronic components that make possible the storage and processing of information. That is why at Tecmo we take special care with these installations. We design and build them with the objective of guaranteeing continuity of service.

At Tecmo we design and build DPCs so that they can “grow” and expand in the future by locating them in such a way that they have high quality access to both electrical energy and power. to both electrical power and Internet connectivity, generally by fiber.

When our team of Technicians and engineers carry out the conception and design of a data center, they take into account fundamental aspects such as space and environmental control to keep the equipment within the specific ranges required by each one of them.

Once built, we provide them with what will be their main equipment, both hardware and software and networking: servers, storage racks; network infrastructure, such as switches and routers; and various information security elements, such as firewalls…

DPCs are very delicate elements that require security and maintenance, so at Tecmo we take care of each of the following aspects in detail:

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Technical Audit

We carry out an exhaustive and detailed study of all the elements of the DPC and its state. We make reports that provide sufficient confidence and availability to give total continuity and quality of services.

Technical Cleaning

Cleanliness is a fundamental aspect, and because of this we perform a measurement of dirt and particles per year. With the data obtained we evaluate if a technical cleaning is necessary or not. This type of cleaning is carried out by specialized personnel.

The accumulation of dirt inside the rooms can lead to overheating of the equipment and malfunction of the same, even to the obstruction of the filters and hinder the air flow.


We perform exhaustive maintenance for the proper functioning of the infrastructure. When it comes to critical information, prevention is a priority.

Anti-vibration Installations

All electronic components suffer greatly from vibrations and worsen their performance, so we equip all equipment with anti vibration systems.